MODEL : SJP-1500 PLUS/SJP-3000 PLUS, SJP-1500 RTC/SJP-3000 RTC

Product Features

  • 4 microphones supported (XLR or 5.5mm plugs available)
  • 3 AUX (the external input) supported. Recording available.
  • Impedance selection switch(70V, 100V-line)
  • Chime with 4 tones, siren and volume control available
  • Voice selection function as a priority
  • DC 24V connector against blackout
  • Screw terminal connectors
  • No module(slot), it’s PLUS. With a module(slot), it’s RTC.
  • Phantom power supported for condenser microphone.
  • 4 speaker-zone selectors – possible to set 4 speaker zones.
  • Echo, Level, Delay
  • 3 Equalizer (treble, medium, bass)
  • Level meter display the output condition.
  • Built-in overheat and overload protection circuit
  • Rack cabinet installation available
  • Tuner, USB, CD builted (SJP-1500RTC/SJP-3000RTC)
  • Module(Slot) integrated: Tuner, USB, CD (SJP-1500RTC/SJP-3000RTC)

Extra Functions

  • Auto Reverse(Recording, Replay) Cassette
  • AM/FM digital tuner
  • Media of reproduction : CD, USB, MP3,WMA, SD, SDMC CARD

Item P. A. Amplifier
Model SJP-1500 Plus / SJP-1500 RTC SJP-3000 Plus / SJP-3000 RTC
Power Output 120W(RMS) 240W(RMS)
Input Channel Mic : 4channel, Line : 4 Channel
Out selector Channel 1,2,3,4, All
Other function Phantom power /Equalizer / Impedance selecor
Voice priority / Chime / Siren / Echo / Delay / Pre-out / Aux input / over heat protect/ Module(RTC)
Output impedance Speaker output
4 ohm(22V) / 8 ohm (31V) / 16 ohm(44V) / 100V(83 ohm)
Speaker output
4 ohm(31V) / 8 ohm (44V) / 16 ohm(62V) / 100V( 42 ohm)
Frequency Response
(±3dB), 8Ω/1W
THD (Total harmonic distortion) Less than 1% at 1KHz, rated power
S/N Ratio(THD) line More than 75dB
Input sensitivity Mic -52dBm/600Ω(balanced)
Line -10dBm/15KΩ(Unbalanced)
Ext Amp In -0dBm/15KΩUnbalanced)
Preout Level -0dBm/10KΩ(Unbalanced)
Dimension(WxHxD) 420 x 90 x 350(mm)
Weight 12KG 19KG
AC Power AC220V/60Hz, DC24V
Power Consumption 370W 680W