• SJM-50B : Mic
  • SJM-50BS : Mic, Siren, AUX

45W High Power Megaphone

  • Practical for use in fire stations, police stations, corps, school events, largescale outdoor activities and environmental disasters under 400 people involved to be controlled.
  • Uses an external microphone(SJM-50BS) by using an external connector(Aux jack).
  • Smart phones can be used (SJM-50BS) through the gender provided by using an external connector.
  • Possible to supply the power from automobiles by using the power extension code.
  • Take off the microphone to hold it over your shoulder.
  • Possible to set it up on the megaphone stand on the ground.
  • The phone code is 3m long.
Power Max. 45W
Dimensions 300 ∅x 460mm
Net Weight(without battery) 2.5Kg
City Area 600m(656yard)
Out Side of the City 1,800m(1,950yard)
Battery life(Voice) 10hours