SR & Wall speaker


Excellent sound performance suitable for broadcasting as well as music purposes

  • Suitable to install in a high quality environment as it has elegant appearance and robust enclosure
  • Black and white available
  • High-class restaurants, coffee shops, malls, schools, community centers, churches, etc.
  • Built-in 2 WAY speaker and network producing excellent sound quality
Model SJS-550SM
Type 5 inch, 2 Way, 2 Speaker system
Power(rated) 50W
Frequency Range 60Hz ~ 18KHz
Impedance 8Ω, 200Ω(50W), 330Ω(30W)
SPL(1W/1M) 98±2dB
Materials ABS Resin/Robust grill
Net weight 2.0Kg
Dimensions 245(W) x 150(H) x 160(D)mm
Max power 100W


Enhance from tone quality to best by using KS speaker

  • Easy to attach to a wall.
  • Built in a matching transformer
  • Well fit with the surrounding environment.
  • Input voltage : 100V line


Input Power(Rated) 3W 5W 10W
Frequency 150Hz-14KHz
Impedance 3.3KΩ(3W), 5KΩ(2W) 2KΩ(5W), 3.3KΩ(3W) 1KΩ(10W), 2KΩ(5W)
SPL(1W/1M) 93dB
Materials Wood
Color Brown
Weight 1.35Kg 1.48Kg 1.52Kg
Dimensions 290 x 100 x 210mm


Injected cases well harmonious with other structures.

Model SJC-10WA
IInput Power(Rated) 10W
Frequency 130Hz-15KHz
Impedance COM. 1KΩ(10W), 2KΩ(5W), 3.3KΩ(3W)
SPL(1W/1M) 93±2dB
Materials ABS resin/steel front grille
Net Weight 1.9Kg
Dimensions(mm) 240x345x100mm


Improved durability by using solid structure and materials

Model SJC-P103N SJC-P110N
Input Power(Rated) 3W 10W
Frequency 130Hz-12KHz
Impedance 3.3KΩ(3W), 5KΩ(2W) 1KΩ(10W), 2KΩ(5W)
SPL(1w.1m) 88dB 90dB
Materials ABS Resin
Color White
Weight 690g 1.02kg
Dimensions(mm) 220 X 270 X 87/55(D)mm