CEO’s Greetings

Thank you for your continuous support and interest in Samjoo Electronics Co., Ltd.

Samjoo Electronics, the only megaphone maker in Korea, manufactures and supplies the speakers and P.A. amp systems for broadcasting has been constantly loved trusted by customers.
We are proud of the megaphone, the major product of ours, with no howling effect, which is made by the best homegrown technology. It is the best selling megaphone in the domestic market.
PA power amp systems and speaker systems are contributed to the establishment of public address and emergency broadcasting systems of local communities and official buildings. A multi power PA-AMP system, in particular, is also used as a high-tech amp for the SR as well thanks to its high-quality frequency band and noise-to-signal ratio.
It is recommended that you use the speakers of Samjoo Electronics’ in the broadcasting systems in audio-visual education centers, gyms, sports classes and churches.
Samjoo Electronics has been providing customers with excellent products that customers want through the accumulated technologies of its own and the Industry-University-Institute R&D collaboration for new technology transfers and joint research and development endeavors. Samjoo Electronics is committed to keep growing as a leader in the industry of the sound reproducing systems by seamless management of manufacturing and business, and on-going innovations.
Samjoo Electronics is also committed to working hard to provide services that move customers. We will keep growing as a corporate that serves customers like family anytime and anywhere.

Thank you.